The most amazing cat tattoo ideas

Cats are not just our pets, and companions. They have always had more meaning to us than that. Since Egyptian times cats have been treated like goddesses, and some were even mummified the way humans were.

Almost all cultures have stories and myths that feature cats. They have been worshiped worldwide, and have become some kind of an icon.

Human kind’s imagination has made cats into legends. We see cats as symbols of grace, poise and knowledge.

The cat is often seen as a synonym of the underworld, more precisely a guardian of its gates.

They are even viewed as symbols of darkness, mostly because they are nocturnal. What comes along with darkness are hidden and scary things, often even fear.

Cats are mysterious, silent and stoic creatures, and their knowledge goes deeper than we can see.

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However, it was not always easy for cats. Back in the past, it was especially hard being a black cat. People associated black cats with witchcraft. That’s why they feared, and often sacrificed them.

Nowadays, things are not as gruesome as they were, and most cats live peaceful and happy lives, most often inside, on the warm and cozy couch.

We have selected some of the best cat tattoos out there, in honor of our feline friends. Check out our selection, and if you have a cat tattoo of your own, share it with us.

Let’s check out the awesome cat tattoo ideas, shall we!

cat tattoo ideas
cat tattoo ideas
cat tattoo ideas
cat tattoo ideas
Inne Tattoo
cat tattoo ideas
Jakub Nowicz Tattoo

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cat tattoo ideas
lya Brezinski
cat tattoo ideas
cat tattoo ideas
cat tattoo ideas
cat tattoo ideas

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