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how to deal with a lying cheating husband

Woman fined £3,250 for hacking her unfaithful husband’s email account

A Swiss woman was fined £3,250 after she had allegedly hacked into her husband's computer to see if her hunch ...
fun Christmas quiz

Can you pass this fun Christmas quiz? Have you got the Christmas spirit?

Only a tenth of society believes that we care more about Christmas than we did a generation ago. Take this ...
Should you spank your child

Should you spank your child? Study says children who are spanked grow up to be abusive.

According to the study, children who get spanked by their parents are more likely to grow up to be abusive ...
Ohio down syndrome abortion ban

Ohio bans women to get an abortion after Down syndrome diagnosis

On Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017 the Senate in Ohio passed yet another abortion ban, which bans women from getting an ...
Funny christmas decorations

Top 13 pics of the laziest and funniest Christmas decoration ever!

December is already here and people have started to put up their Christmas decorations. Some have done a wonderful job ...