You won’t believe how cold left so many frozen animals

Fox of Germanyfrozen animals fox

In January of 2017, a hunter was walking along the Danube riven when he discovered an ice block with a frozen fox inside.

He thinks that the fox probably drowned in the river and was then transformed into an icy block by the ice cold weather.

The hunter who found the fox (Franz Stehle) extracted it from the ice on Jan. 2 and brought it up to his family’s hotel, where it’s now displayed.

If you want to see the frozen fox up close, you can always visit Franz Stehle’s family hotel in Fridingen.

Source: Fox news

Fighting Moose of Alaskafrozen animals fighting moose

In 2016 a group of people uncovered two frozen moose locked in a battle position near an Alaskan village.

Researchers think that the two of them were fighting over a female, but one of them got injured badly, and probably even died from its injuries.

This made it difficult for the other moose to get away, and was weighed down and stuck there waiting to die from the cold.

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Source: The Weather Network

Frozen carpfrozen animals carp

In 2015, Kelly Preheim visited Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge and was startled by what she saw.

Later on she explained what might be the reason that left so many carp and other fish living in the Lake to suffocate and freeze.

The fact is that the level of the lake dropped that year, because of drought, and the fish suffocated due to lack of oxygen.

What happened was that the thick layer of ice that formed on the surface blocked the sun rays and the algae living in the lake couldn’t photosynthesize, which means they couldn’t produce oxygen. They started to die out and decompose, which used up oxygen as well and led to a decrease in its levels which eventually suffocated the fish, and left them frozen in the form of small blocks of ice.


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